Switchwords were discovered by a man named James T. Mangan. In his book "The Secret of Perfect Living" he states that the subconscious mind has several "switches" that when flipped, can result in certain outcomes. Thus the name "Switchwords". These words are single words and are often found in various combinations. They are, in many ways one-word affirmations. Unlike the traditional affirmations that contain statements that your subconscious does not believe is true, Switchwords, bypass the "interpretive" aspect of your mind and engages the subconscious mind directly, thus making the desired result a bit more automatic. Switchwords, give no opportunity for the subconscious mind to block or interpret the words. It simply switches the state on. Another great benefit of Switchwords is that you don't need to believe in them in order for them to work. You can't say that for traditional affirmations. Since both subliminal audio/video and switchwords communicate on the subconscious level, a new technology was developed that pairs both Switchwords and Subliminal technology together. This brings out the power in both modalities. I have been using them together successfully and I know others will find it useful as well.