ACT: If you would like to become a good speaker.

ADD: This is to increase what you have, no matter what it is.

ADJUST: This is a great one to create balance in your life. It will also help you handle uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions.

ALONE: This will help you nurture or heal yourself or another. This will help you increase focus on yourself but not in a self absorbed way but in terms of nurturing and healing yourself.

AROUND: This will help you gain or improve your perspective.

ATTENTION: This will help you do detailed work and avoid carelessness. This will apply to other areas of your life as well, not only work.

BE: This is a powerful one, this will help you to achieve peace and good health. it will help you have good form; dispel loneliness; increase your skill in sports. it also has the added benefit of helping you brush off ridicule from others.

BETWEEN: This one is often used to develop intuition and psychic abilities. It works.

BLUFF: This one is good to get rid of nervousness or fear as well as increase your imagination. It is especially good to use when you want to create pleasant dreams.

BOW: This helps reduce any arrogant tendencies you may have.

BRING: This is a manifestation Switchword, it helps you unite with your goal, helps you finish what you started.

BUBBLE: This Switchword is really good at helping you expand your perceived limits, it is also good for creating a mood of excitement and energy.

CANCEL: Use this Switchword to eliminate negative thoughts and conditions. It helps eliminate debt, poverty and other unwanted conditions. Which in turn will dispel worry. I use this one when I feel insecure about something.

CANCER: To clarify, this does not mean cancer the disease but rather the zodiac sign. This Switchword is used to calm emotional distress and to soften outlook.

CARE: This one is used to help you retain or memorize anything you need to remember or retain. You can say it before you read something so as to remember it.

CHANGE: This helps get rid of emotional and physical pain. It also helps get something out of the eye.

CHARLTON HESTON: I admit, I feel silly saying this one sometimes but it is good to keep you mindful about your posture. Helps you stand straight and tall. You can use someone elses names who stands straight or tall with confidence.

CHARM: This will help you manifest your heart's desire.

CHLORINE: This will help you mingle and share yourself with others. Helps you make a difference; blend in and become one with.

CHUCKLE: This one helps you turn on personality.

CIRCULATE: This helps you end loneliness and helps you feel at ease so you can mingle with people.

CLASSIC: Use this one to appear cultured and suave .

CLEAR: This one will help you dispel anger and resentment you may towards yourself or others.

CLIMB: This will help you enhance your view point, rise above it all.

CONCEDE: This helps to reconcile and end arguments between people. You can use it if you want to be at peace with someone.

CONFESS: This ends aggression very well.

CONSIDER: This helps you become more handy . use it before fixing your car or putting together a piece of future etc.

CONTINUE: This helps create or increase endurance for both physical and mental tasks.

COPY: this helps you have good taste and also increases fertility.

COUNT: This will help you make money and help you reduce or stop smoking

COVER: reduce nervousness; subdue inner excitement

CRISP: This is a great one to dispel fatigue, feel refreshed, revitalizes. It also helps brighten your mood.

CROWD: This helps reduce or eliminate disobedience in children, pets or subordinates ant work.

CRYSTAL: This is a powerful Switchword that will help you clarify any situation or things. It helps you look to the future; both mentally and through clairvoyance. This can help you access Universal Knowledge. I use this one to clarify intentions when I feel blocked.

CURVE: This helps to create beauty; make something beautiful. This is good to enhance creativity.

CUT: This will help you achieve moderation in all your actions. it can also help you make proactive decisions regarding toxic relationships. Essentially giving you the strength to sever ties with a toxic person if you have to.

CUTE: This will help you think; discern; be sharp-witted and be clever.

DEDICATE: This will help you to stop clinging to either a person or a situation.

DIVINE: This one will help you work miracles or accomplish extraordinary things, it increases personal ability.

DIVINE LIGHT: This will help you focus on positivity, multiply the intensity of any thought; increase spiritual enlightenment.

DIVINE ORDER: This will help you with any organizing or cleaning you need to do. It helps you be more efficient making sure things are in optimal order. I use this when I feel disorganized with my thoughts or do not know where to start something. It helps bring order. DO: eliminate procrastination in its tracks with this one.

DONE: This is a great one against procrastination as well . it helps you meet a deadline or keep a resolution. Its great for building willpower .

DOWN: This helps you become more humble. People don't like braggarts , this will help eliminate that trait in you if bragging is a problem for you.

DUCK: This helps dispel sensitivity about looks or capabilities. Helps you shrug off criticism.

ELATE: This helps transform a setback into a positive uplifting event.

FIFTY THREE (53): This helps you take primary responsibility over something.

FIGHT: This helps you win a competitive game and intensify your efforts and intentions.

FIND: This helps you build a fortune and can be used with Switchword "COUNT".

FOR: This will help you promote anything.

FOREVER: This will help you keep a secret .

FORGIVE: This will help you cool your anger and end desire for revenge . This also helps dispel remorse.

FULL: This helps you achieve optimum levels to help you go beyond and expand your capacity in any endeavor.

GIGGLE: This will get yu in the mood for writing. It will also help you enjoy the task at hand.

GIVE: To sell something and to help others.

GO: This will help you end laziness. Helps you begin and progress in anything. I use it when I feel like I don't want to start something right away. I say GO and I get motivated.

GUARD: This helps protect you from bodily hard, spirit or your property. it helps to preserve your personal safety.

HALFWAY: This helps make a long distance seem short. This is one of 3 Switchwords I use to make my long runs easier. it also helps me better handle projects that require long tedious work.

HELP: This helps eliminate indecision or uncertainty and increases focus.

HO: Saying this one helps you relax and reduce tension.

HOLD: This helps to build character.

HOLE: This will help create attractiveness and sex appeal in yourself.

HORSE: This will help you be solid, strong and gain personal power .

HORSESHOE: This will help you remain steadfast and strengthen the soul during times of challenge. It will help you safely move rapidly ahead and remain sturdy throughout.

JACK LALANNE: this will help you be enthusiastic (or you use someone you know who is an enthusiast about something)

JUDGE: This will help you love reading and increase your comprehension of what you read. I use this all the time when I read.

LEARN: act and be youthful; rejuvenate your mind and soul.

LIGHT: This will help you be inspired, lighten the load or mood. It's a great stress reducer.

LIMIT: set parameters, regain control. This will help keep others from taking advantage of you.

LISTEN: This will help you predict the future. This is also very powerful when you want to get in touch with nature and yourself.

LOVE: This will help generate, radiate and experience love of all types.

MAGNANIMITY: This will help you eliminate pettiness and increase generosity. MASK: Protect and shield from harm .

MONA LISA: This will help bring a smile to your face and dispel hatred and envy. (Or you can use someone who represents a smile to you)

MOVE: This is great to increase energy and eliminate tiredness. It is one of the 3 words I use every time I run, without fail.

NEXT: This will help you finish lots of meticulous work and be able to endure more.

NOW: This ends procrastination. It also helps you to act on good impulses.

OFF: This one is used to quit an unwanted habit AND it helps you go to sleep. This Switchword does help me sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I can rely on "OFF" to help me get back to sleep quickly. I love it.

OFFER: This will help dispel greed.

OIL: This will help external and internal friction. Smooth and release tensions and resistance.

ON: This is a very powerful Switchword to help you get new ideas; obtain transportation; nourish your ambition.

OPEN: This will he help you inhibitions. It will increase tolerance and understanding. It can free the mind and allow feeling and ideas to flow easily. OVER: This will help end frustration.

PERSONAL: This will help you be a success. it will help you publish a successful newspaper or a newsletter or book for that matter.

PHASE: This will help you set goals. Set a routine or pattern and improve your situation.

POINT: This will improve eyesight and focus. it will help you find direction and make a clear decision.

POSTPONE: This helps you to let things go.

PRAISE: This will help you be beautiful or handsome and will help you to stop being overly critical with yourself.

PUT: This will help you build and expand. You can use this for any endeavor you want to build or expand.

QUIET: This will help quiet the ego. If you feel you must get the last word in, say QUIET and you will notice how that urge will subside. I used this the other day and I was able to just let it all go and let the other person have their moment.

REACH: This is great to locate misplaced objects and reach solutions for problems. It will help you repair things. It will help you recall forgotten ideas and information in your mind or memory like names, numbers etc. I used this twice and it worked very well. i am not one to lose my keys, in fact, I NEVER DO. When I did, I used this Switchword and I found it very quickly and in the most unlikely place. The fridge. (I have no idea how they got in there).

REJOICE: When you encounter someone who is more successful in something that you want success in, it is easy to feel jealous. This Switchword will help dispel jealousy.

RESCIND: This will help you undo; restart; cancel; redo; something. Some other teachers of Switchwords recommend that this switchword should Always be used with the Switchwords; BETWEEN, CRYSTAL and LISTEN in order to avoid as they say "possible time loop." I can't say I know exactly what that means, but erring on the side of caution cant hurt.

RESTORE: This will help restore fairness and honesty .

REVERSE: This will help you get rid of grudges or stop a repetitive pattern in the moment.

RIDICULOUS: This will help you gain a lot of attention.

ROOT: This will help you discover and grow in any area of your life.

SAGE: To help you dispel evil in the mind or your home.

SAVE: This will help you stop drinking alcohol and other unwanted habits. I used this word with POSTPONE to help me when I was drinking a lot.

SCHEME: This is great for those of you who want to advertise, design and create marketing plans or PR for your company or business. SHOW: This will help you raise your moral standards and help you develop respect for people and yourself.

SHUT: When you feel a bit reckless and sad, use this to help you stop looking for trouble.

SOPHISTICATE: This will help you publish a successful magazine or book. It will also help you become a great success .

SPEND: This will help you develop a sense of style.

STRETCH: This will help you prolong a good feeling , event or a sense of well-being you are experiencing. It will also help you grow intellectually, spiritually and physically. By grow I mean become better.

SUFFER: This will help you handle success and prosperity . Often we think that once we are successful that it will be easy. Often times it is not, with great success comes great responsibility. This Switchword will help you handle it. I sure could have used this word 10 years ago.

SWEET: This will help you be soothing and caring to others.

SWING: This will raise your courage and boldness.

SWIVEL: relieve constipation and diarrhea. All I am going to say about this one is that...it works.

TAKE: This will help you become a good leader . This is great for people who find that they need to develop leadership skills quickly.

TAP: This will help you convert; adapt; renovate anything.

THANKS: This will help increase gratitude in your heart and will help release guilt.

TINY: This will help you be polite , kind hearted and courteous. It will also you decrease the importance of something that bothers you.

TOGETHER: This is considered to be THE Master Switchword to help you master any activity. Get things all together. It is also used to become single-minded when you need to be. I will mention this one again in the section on how to create Switchwords for yourself. It's the most powerful Switchword in the list.

TOMORROW: This will help you eliminate remorse and sorrow .

UNCLE: dispel un-togetherness and separateness.

UNMASK: This Switchword will help bring things into focus; expose; lay bare before you. UP: This will help elevate your mood and help you defeat feelings of inferiority.

WAIT: Saying this will create a situation where you will learn a secret.

WASTE: This will help you appear rich and show opulence . WATCH: This will help you learn a skill or perfect a skill you already have.

WHET: This one will help stimulate, sharpen and refine anything you put your mind upon.

WITH: This will help you be agreeable and compatible with others.

WOMB: This will help you attract and feel cuddled and safe. This will help you reconnect with Divinity and Mother Nature.

The Switchwords above are all effective. You can mix and match them as you please.