Switchword Subliminal - For Healthy Eating


Switchword Subliminal - For Healthy Eating swh

You Can Make Better Food Choices, Start Today!

  • • Are you having a hard time staying on a health eating plan?
  • • Do you often feel guilty about how you eat?
  • • Do you feel physically rundown because you aren’t eating right?
  • • Do You want to learn how to gain control over your eating?
  • • Are you truly ready to?

If you have truly made the commitment to eating healthy. this subliminal program is for you. This program can help you improve your motivation to make better food choices. The Switchwords in this program will penetrate your subconscious mind and will start working right away.

This program will help you with:

  • Help you get clear about your health..
  • Help you develop good healthy eating habits.
  • Will help you conquer unhealthy habits that derail your nutrition plans.
  • Will help eliminate all those subconscious blocks leading you to self sabotage.
  • When you feel you are about to make a choice that isn’t aligned with your dietary goals, you can pop in the audio or watch the video and you will be back on track.
  • You will feel much stronger, even after your first try.

This program should be used in conjunction and is not meant to replace other treatments you may be in or thinking of pursuing.

This program contains a Subliminal Audio Track (20 minutes) (MP3 FORMAT) and a Subliminal Video (10 minutes) (MP4 FORMAT) , This program will also include a PDF insert explaining how to use this program and the Switchwords that are being used. And always remember, you have 90 days to evaluate the program. If you dont like it, just ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

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