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The Programs below each have 3 files. 1. A subliminal Audio that you can play on your MP3 Player 2. A Video with Switchword Subliminals embedded into the scenes. The video is in MP4 Format 3. A PDF guide explaining the program. After Purchase you will receive and email with the links to your download/s.

Switchword Subliminals - Throat Chakra


Switchword Subliminals - Throat Chakra THROAT

The Switchword Subliminals – Throat Chakra audio and video program will help you align your Throat Chakra. The Switchwords contained in this program will resonate strongly with the Throat Chakra.

Audio(MP3) and Video (MP4) are both 10 minutes long.

The fifth chakra or Throat Chakra called Viśuddha in Sanskrit Is situated in the throat area itself. This chakras color is blue. This chakra is the chakra of communication and expression. Since it is located at the throat, the corresponding organ to this chakra is the thyroid.This tiny organ regulate our metabolism and if it is imbalanced can cause either unhealthy weight loss or weight gain. It also has a role in memory, energy levels or lack thereof.This chakra is also center around the vocal cords, the neck and nearby areas.

If the throat chakra is not balanced, this can seriously influence your creativity, your ability to express yourself verbally. Often people with imbalanced throat chakra find it hard to speak up and this builds up and often these people develop thyroid problems. On the other extreme, it can also display itself as a lack of control when it comes to speech. So the person with an imbalanced chakra may speak too much. it can work both ways. Other manifestations of this imbalance involve dishonesty and being overly harsh and critical and on the flip side, under spoken or too soft spoken for our own good.

As I stated earlier, the thyroid tends to be the one hit hardest by an imbalanced throat chakra. The second most common illness associated with an imbalanced chakra are throat issues in general. I know of a person who stifles her emotions and has had a hard time speaking up for herself. It manifested by frequent bouts of strep throat, tonsillitis, ear infections and related issues. Although she does not know about the chakras, one thing is for certain, when she took back her power, interestingly enough, her throat issues went away. She did connect her throat issues with her communication issues but not in terms of it being a chakra issue. In either case, the results are quite dramatic. She even started to get in shape because she no longer had negative communication with her own psyche.

When this chakra is balanced, communication flows easily, your creativity is sparked and the ease to which it flows is very noticeable. When this chakra is balanced, you are able to create boundaries with people and have the ability to speak your mind. Self awareness also becomes easier since your inner communication channels are not blocked.

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