The problem with most subliminal programs today is, the very subliminal messages they are embedding in their programs. The typical subliminal messaging is based on “Positive affirmations”. On the surface that appears to be the right kind of message to use in a subliminal program, but they are wrong! Dead wrong. Switchword Subliminals actually work and I am offering a 90 day money back guarantee to prove it. Switchwords work. Try them today.
The Programs below each have 3 files. 1. A subliminal Audio that you can play on your MP3 Player 2. A Video with Switchword Subliminals embedded into the scenes. The video is in MP4 Format 3. A PDF guide explaining the program. After Purchase you will receive and email with the links to your download/s.

Switchword Subliminals - Third Eye Chakra


Switchword Subliminals - Third Eye Chakra THIRDEYE

The Switchword Subliminals – Third Eye Chakra audio and video program will help you align your Third Eye Chakra. The Switchwords contained in this program will resonate strongly with the Third Eye Chakra.

Audio(MP3) and Video (MP4) are both 10 minutes long.

The sixth chakra or Brow Chakra called Ājñā in Sanskrit Is situated right between the eyes. This is by far the most popular of the chakras, most people have heard of the third eye and for good reason. This is the eye of discernment and wisdom, your mind's eye if you will.

The gland that this chakra most connects to is the pituitary gland. This gland regulates many aspects of the body including how tall you will be, your skin coloring and various aspects of childbirth. It is often called the master gland because it has a profound effect on all the other glands and hormones in your body.Since the 3rd eye is positioned right between the eyes, the brain , eyes and nose are also within its jurisdiction so to speak.

If this chakra is not balanced it can be devastating. Often an imbalanced third eye has been associated with ADHD, certain mental illnesses that cause disassociation with reality. Judgment in general can be impaired leading to confusion and "brain fog".

Physically, the imbalance can show in alarming ways. Often severally imbalanced 3rd eye can lead to panic attacks, brain tumors, migraine headaches, various learning disabilities, strokes and other ischemic attacks, as well as severe nightmares and the like.

if this chakra is balanced, we gain tremendous physical and mental benefits.Our intuition will be heightened, our ability to manifest our thoughts for good is alsomore apparent. Our concentration will be laser-like. It can open a completely new world for you. Both the inner and outer world.

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