Negative Thoughts Persist If You Ignore Them

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In 2006 when “The Secret” splashed onto the scene the law of attraction became a household name virtually overnight. It is quite motivating isn’t it? When I first applied the principles, things did in fact start to happen. Nothing major, but small noticeable things did occur…

Well, you see, that’s the problem. Nothing major was happening. No lottery wins, no unexpected checks… Alright, maybe a 13 dollar check, but that’s about it. Manifesting small things was pretty easy. This seems to be the case for most people. Nowadays the only people who seem to use Law of Attraction to attract big things are the teachers of the Law of Attraction. Most buyers of these books are looking for new ideas and thus buy 100s of books on the topic. I did the same thing.

My question to them is, if the Law of Attraction is so straight forward,why do you need any other book besides The Secret or Abraham-Hicks Material? The reason is that they aren’t noticing major changes and they are trying to figure out why. People think by buying the latest book on the topic will teach them the secret to the secret so to speak, but often the new books simply say the same thing but may prettify the wording so it seems like it is a new take.

At first, the purchaser feels a rush of hope and enthusiasm but that is quickly dashed when the “new” methods stop or don’t work for them. Again, they notice little things, but not major ones. This constant disappointment is quite detrimental to the manifestation process. It creates a layer of jadedness and lack of faith. This layer gets thicker every time they read a book and see no results. I too had a very hard time keeping the faith after everything I bought promised me the world but delivered just a cup of coffee. Frankly, I don’t want to manifest a cup of coffee, I want to manifest success. Are you with me?

I understand the logic behind “manifest small”. By manifesting something small at first helps build faith, but it’s simply not enough. It is too superficial. How many cups of coffee can you manifest before you want bigger and better things? I will explain why manifesting a cup of coffee is easier than manifesting bigger things. Yes, faith is a factor, self worth is a factor, but the core of the problem is the constant vigilance against negative thinking. Being vigilant against negative thoughts is resistance and what happens to things you resist? THEY PERSIST.

Before I get into that, let me explain what the basic Law of Attraction is.

The general premise behind the law of attraction is fairly simple and straight forward. ” Like Attracts Like”. By focusing your thoughts (and actions) towards something positive (or negative) the end result will be either positive or negative. If I want to attract a new car, I need to focus on that goal and eliminate all doubt. I must keep the faith all the time that I will get the new car and if my thoughts were positive enough I will eventually attract the new car or something better. Any negative thought can derail the whole process.That sounds fair enough.

However, there are 2 contradictions in that teaching. Firstly, the Secret states that a positive thought is more powerful than a negative one. If that is the case, why the hyper vigilance against negative thoughts? If negative thoughts are truly weaker, a few slip ups shouldn’t repel what you want away from you. Yet, every teacher says that no negative thoughts should be present. So that contradiction alone should be a red flag. It also serves as a way for the teachers to deflect blame from themselves. They can simply say” You must have had a negative thought, it’s not my fault”.

Secondly, by pushing negative thoughts away, what you are doing is resisting them. Carl Jung said “What You Resist, Persists”. Time and time again I hear people saying ” I am trying to stay positive”, ” I do not think any negative thoughts” etc. The problem is, the negative thoughts pop up much more often than they admit. It’s the “trying” and the ” I do not” that is the problem. Those words indicate effort. The effort is to not think negative thoughts. The resisting of negativity is the problem, not the lack of positive thoughts.

Many have asked me ” If I don’t resist negativity, how will the law of attraction work for me?” That is a legitimate question. The answer is that negative thoughts should not be ignored, but they should also not be dwelt upon. Meaning, you should acknowledge the negative thought as they arise so they can lose steam. The more you resist them, the stronger they become. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, if you want them to stop, let them get it out of their system. So in a sense, I am saying that witnessing the negative thoughts will allow for room to be created for the positive onesLook at what you resist so it will not persist.

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