Thank you for your interest in A COURSE IN SWITCHWORD MIRACLES.

You have taken a huge step; you have just invested in change. Whether you are new to Switchwords or are looking for ways to enhance what you already know, this course is for you. If you are looking to make changes in your life, this is the course for you. If you believe in MiraclesThis is the Course for you
Switchwords are words, that when pronounced, can change almost all aspects of your life. I will touch upon them briefly here, but I will go into great length in Module 4 of A Course In Switchword Miracles. The reason I get into them so late in the course is because I want to make sure you have a solid foundation as to WHY they work so well.

What are Switchwords?

Switchwords were discovered by James T. Mangan. He states in The Secret of Perfect Living that the subconscious mind has several “switches” that when flipped, can result in certain outcomes. These switches are certain words or a combination of words. In many ways they are one-word affirmations or a string of one word affirmations. Unlike sentences, or affirmations like “I am wonderful just as I am“ they don’t make sense in the conventional sense of the word. The conventional affirmations contain statements that your subconscious rejects.

Switchwords , unlike positive affirmations, bypass the “interpretive” aspect of your mind and engage the subconscious mind directly, thus making the result automatic. This is vital because if your communications with the subconscious mind are drawn out like conventional affirmations, you are giving the subconscious mind the opportunity to cancel those affirmations out and dig in . This will make change almost impossible. With Switchwords, it is a switch, there is no opportunity for the subconscious mind to block or interpret it . Because they are so effective, Switchwords are slowly, but surely gaining in popularity.


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My experiences with Switchwords

I came across Switchwords during a hard period in my life. I weighed too much, drank too much, owed too much and ruined a great relationship.

I have spent 24 years reading many books and material on self-help and spirituality. And to be honest, nothing helped.

It was only when I had given up hope and resigned myself that I came across “Switchwords”. I was astonished at how something so simple could be so effective. My life was transformed. I realized it was time to share what I have learned with the world and open up new hope for others. I have been overwhelmed with emails of gratitude from others all over the world telling me how my books and audios on Switchwords have helped them. To have the opportunity and the privilege to share this with the world is a great honor and I thank Switchwords for helping me get to where I am now.

What to expect From this Course:

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn in each module.

In Module 1: The Subconscious mind
• What is the Subconscious mind?
• Qualities of the Subconscious Mind
• Defense Mechanisms

Module 2: The Law of Attraction and the Subconscious Mind

• What you Resist Persists
• Quantum Zeno and Hebb’s Law
• Why Affirmations Are Dangerous
• Reframing Affirmations the right way
• Exercises in Visualization and reframed affirmations

Module 3: The Energy System and how vital it is to be mindful of it.

• Meridians
• The Chakra System
• Meridian Tapping
• Chakra Clearing Exercise
• Meridian Clearing Exercise

Module 4: What Are Switchwords

• What are Switchwords?
• A List of Switchwords
• Creating your own Switchwords
• Switchword Exercises

Module 5: Putting it All Together

• Why Combining Chakra Tapping ,Meridian Tapping , reframed affirmations and Switchwords works so well.
• Exercises – 1. A Clearing Session
• Exercises – 2. 5 Bodily Healing Exercises
• Exercises – 3. 5 Mind Healing Exercises
• Exercises – 4. 5 Financial Abundance Exercises
• Exercises – 5. 5 Weight Loss and Fitness Exercise
• Exercises – 6. 5 Addiction Release Exercises
• Exercises – 7. 5 Relationship Exercises

Bonus Module: Subliminal Messaging

• What is Subliminal Messaging and why it works

You will also receive the following Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audios and Videos

• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for General Health
• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for Financial Abundance
• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for Health Eating

• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for 1st chakra
• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for 2nd chakra
• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for 3rd chakra
• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for 4th chakra
• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for 5th chakra
• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for 6th chakra
• Bonus Switchword Subliminal Audio and Video for 7th chakra

These Bonuses Are worth $110 , but they are yours FREE for purchasing this course.


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